Wave Genetics is grounded into extensive theoretical and experimental research. Peter Garyaev has discovered that genetic information exists in a form of electromagnetic field and he has developed a way of transcribing genetic and metabolic information and transferring it in the blink of an eye.

Gene modification leads to severe consequences and possibly irreparable damage

For Garyaev the current and outdated paradigm of molecular genetics including CRISPP techniques, Gene Modification, recombinant RNA and DNA would always lead to severe consequences and possibly irreparable damage, because the model is incomplete and erroneous as it ignores the quantum optical and wave linguistic principles of DNA.

Complete paradigm shift in medicine

Doctor Peter Garyaev’s discoveries and those of academicians Kaznacheev, Troffimov, Gennady Shipov, Hartmut Müller, Fritz-Albert Popp, Luc Montagnie, Jacques Benveniste, Dr. Carlo Ventura Ph.D and many others are a complete paradigm shift that will one day give rise to a totally new understanding of both the biosphere as well as the new sphere.

… with that, what is going on right now in so-called biosafety laboratories and with the pharmacological race to produce untested next generation DNA vaccines … Basically, this is very sad story …

Garyaev’s appropriate response to fighting COVID-19

This great and independent researcher and pioneer of life sciences could not have died at a more critical and precarious moment in the history of medicine. Garyaev’s last article “Something to do with coronavirus“ was dedicated to this question of the appropriate response to fighting COVID-19. He was convinced that the quantum biological approach would offer much more effective cure and safe immunization without side effects based on a holistic communication of all levels in the biome.

Garyeav’s work had been recognized and studied by universities worldwide. The medical community today, we believe, would be in a different position in handling a challenging situation …

Academic colleagues are concerned

Certain of his academic colleagues and people who knew him are concerned that his passing at this time, despite his age of 79, is unusual, as he was known to be of excellent condition. He died of a brain edema – when in fact his official recognition may have been just around the corner, as only weeks earlier he received a letter of the Nobel prize committee to inform him about his nomination as a candidate for the Nobel prize of medicine in 2021. Imagine the dramatic impulse this could mean for the future of medicine and our evaluation of life. We all pray, it will still happen even if only posthumously.

Jak učínně bojovat proti Korona viru, nebo jiným nemocem?

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