Health Results of Linguistic Wave Genetics Technology

Professor Peter Garyaev listed what has already been obtained in relation to sick people using the technology of linguistic wave genetics:


1. Regeneration of teeth.

2. Regeneration of a part of the rectum. The patient had the distal end of the rectum regenerated after its surgical removal (cancer).

3. Hair regeneration.

4. A 4-year-old girl, suffering from “incurable” cystic fibrosis, was cured according to the spinornomu spectrum of her cousin’s photo. It is characteristic that mutation #508 (the cause of the disease) is a deletion of several nucleotides in one of the chromosomes, after the cure it was re-identified. That is, the mutation remains, but the child is healthy. This paradox is removed if we take into account the phantom functions of DNA.

5. Gradual recovery from Charcot-Marie syndrome.

6. Simultaneous normalization of the state of a large group of people.

Recovery after paralysis

7. Fast and complete recovery after cerebral hemorrhage and paralysis. A patient with cerebral hemorrhage (stroke, paralysis of half of the body) was returned to a normal healthy state within 4-5 days using the spinal spectrum of her childhood photograph.

Cachexia was removed

8. A patient in a state of cachexia with “incurable” ulcerative colitis was returned to normal in a similar way.

Restoration of lost vision

9. Restoration of lost vision. The patient, blind in the right eye, began to see normally in a similar way.

Recovery from cancer

10. Recovery from bone cancer and breast cancer.

Menstrual cycle returned

11. Several older menopausal women have had their menstrual cycle returned as a clear physiological marker for a return to a younger state. They also used their childhood photos.

Anti diabetic effects

12. Anti diabetic effects.

Restored facial symmetry

13. The patient had a regenerated facial nerve cut during an unsuccessful surgical operation. Normal facial symmetry has been restored.

14. Primary signs of aging inhibition.

15. A special case is when a client, who wished to improve his health, gave his baby photo, taken at the time of smallpox vaccination, at the moment of maximum reaction to the vaccine. After a week of using the spinor spectrum, the patient was 60% covered with ulcers characteristic of smallpox. A spectrum was quickly obtained from another child’s photo, where the same child was in a healthy state. Developmental smallpox was blocked.

In general, this applied technology is characterized by a return to past illnesses and injuries, but the return is short-lived. Biological time, as it were, quickly turns over the previously experienced pathological conditions.

The cure mechanism for the above cases is still hypothetical. Probably, the spinor spectrum from children’s photos of patients or their relatives (healthy) is a kind of address to the Bomovskaya Hologram of photo donors. It contains healthy corrective information in the spinor spectrum of the photo. It can be used to heal, including “incurable” diseases.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Peter Petrovich Garyaev.

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