Many researchers in their works point out the risk of hydrazine environmental pollution, which has a negative impact on human health and on ecology. Our present study demonstrates the principle possibility of developing technology, that allows biosystems to develop tolerance to the toxic effects of hydrazine by applying electromagnetic fields. Before starting to work in this direction, Gariaev’s group performed several primary model experiments with alloxan. Alloxan is a cytotoxic agent, mainly affecting beta-cells of the pancreas and caused type 1 diabetes.

MBER modulated by a healthy pancreatic frequency regenerated pancreatic tissues

In experimental work [Gariaev et al., 2007 (a)], it was noted that modulated broadband electromagnetic radiation (MBER) generated by a helium-neon laser and modulated by healthy pancreas and spleen tissue, affects the course of experimental diabetes in rats induced by intraperitoneal injection of alloxan in a dosage of 200 mg/kg of animal body weight. Exposure to MBER resulted in an increased life span, normalization of blood glucose levels, and facilitated the regeneration of pancreatic tissue, of the animals in the experimental groups compared with the control.

Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation and Induced Immunity

The goal of this present work is to assess the induced resistance effect of animals to alloxan under the condition of preliminary MBER treatment. A special laser with interconnected complementary orthogonal polarizations of the light beam was used for this purpose. Generation of the BER (broadband electromagnetic radiation) was conducted in accordance with Fabry-Perot interferometer’s scheme, where the operational laser beam passed multiple times through thin freshly prepared sections of pancreas and spleen from a healthy newborn rat. We believe that preparations specifically modulate the laser beam in a way that the system reveals the following capabilities:

  1. BER, that is emitted from the discharge interval of the He-Ne laser is reinforced;
  2. BER is parametrically connected with the preparation-modulated laser beam and as a result it becomes highly biologically active;
  3. Biological effects can be observed at relatively long distances from the source of BER
  4. Electromagnetic transmission of directive genetic-metabolic information from biological-object-donor to the bio-recipient takes place. In this case, the information carrier is MBER (modulated broadband electromagnetic radiation).

The bio-structures, that can be probed by the laser beam in the given system, are: living and/or quasi-living organisms, for example, bacteria, viruses and active organs and tissues, metabolites and abiogenic substances.


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Druhým typem paměti je fantomový efekt DNA (DNA phantom effect), tj. paměť prostředí na dynamickém vlnovém charakteru molekul DNA. Prostředím je například prostor spektrometru (Cuvette compartment spectrometer), nebo prostor živých buněk a tkání. Pravděpodobně je také používán organismy k tahání jednoho z kvantových stavu signálních molekul DNA ve formě fantomů. V praxi to lze realizovat umělým vytvářením kvantových matric přirozených v těle, fragmentů DNA, vyplňujících a nahrazujících ztracené fragmenty DNA za účelem genetického poškození u lidí.

Dr. Peter P. Garyaev, doktor biologických věd, RANS a RAMTN

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