Wave Genetics Can Cure Any Disease – Dr. Peter Garyaev

This video contains some mind-boggling information, it will change the way you perceive the world around you, the way you think about yourself and your life.

Groundbreaking theory of wave genetics

In this video you will learn about professor Peter Garyaev and his groundbreaking theory of wave genetics. Basically, professor Peter Garyaev has the keys to your harmony.

Wave genetics enables us to find cures

Wave genetics enables us to find cures for all kinds of diseases and conditions, to regenerate organs and to make us generally healthier and to help us live longer and better.

Complete recovery of the pancreases

And Peter Garyaev has proven that he is capable of doing magical stuff. In one of his dazzling wave genetics experiments he induced a complete recovery of the pancreases of laboratory rats.

The core basis of the treatment based on wave genetics is to expose you to the waves of encoded information.

Biological quantum computers to transcribe your DNA

Professor Peter Garyaev uses biological quantum computers to transcribe your genetic information, the data contained in your DNA. Then, this information is encoded into sound waves and recorded on a DVD. You listen to this DVD once in a while, and when you do, it affects you — it makes you healthier.

The unique sound of your DNA

The unique sound of your DNA will cure all of your diseases, will help you regenerate your organs and will help you prolong your life, the process of aging

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