The Radio Secret Of DNA

DNA Experiments and Thoughts – Human Thoughts Influence DNA – DNA Stores Light – DNA Functions as a Biological Internet – Experiment Implies, that Disease or Death can be Transmitted Electromagnetically – Wave Transmission to Healthy Culture – DNA Functions as a Radio Coil – Resonance and Toxicity – The Swing as an Example of Resonance – Tuning Forks and Resonance – Electromagnetic Waves Affect Radio and DNA – Schumann Resonance and Natural Health – Quantum Fluctuation is Essentially a Form of Vibration – Vibration, Resonance and Positive Energy

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Vlnová Genetika Léčí Downův Syndrom

Za použití technologie lingvistické vlnové genetiky bylo dosaženo pozitivních výsledků – Zvukový Vlnový Genetický Program od bratra Romana pomohl

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