Human Genome Project

Technology for Political Control – Virus Frequency Activated Bioweapon – Mind and Biorobots

TRANSFERRING THE HUMAN GENOME – Totalitarian, Absolute Control from the Cradle to the Grave – Can Life Be Digitized? – Digital Code and Genetic Code are Electromagnetic Waves – Consciousness in Microtubules and DNA – Decoding the Brain – Synthetic Telepathy – Transcribing Digital Code into DNA – New DNA Model and DNA Teleportation – Resonance between your DNA and Artificial Signal – Manipulation of Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors, Senses – Biology moves at the speed of light – New Biological Weapons are Frequency Driven – Simulations of the Perceptual World and Biorobots – Human Genome DNA Project – DNA in every living Being has a unique Frequency – Controlling DNA Frequency – HAARP 5G and DNA are Linked – New Life Forms Project – Human Cloning and Genetic Engineering – CIA, Military Operations – Totalitarian Scientific Oligarchy – Artificially Created Viruses – Remote Controlled Nanoscale Radio – Synthetic Genome, Killing Nature


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